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Henan yuzhou city spirit dragon YuJi pump industry co., LTD(The original yuzhou city fishery machinery factory)Is the national ministry of agriculture in henan province fixed-point production of fishery machinery、Mud pumpProfessional manufacturers,Factory have already more than 30 years of history,Now has fixed assets1000Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area20000Square meters,With modern machinery and equipment100More than one、Laboratory、The pump test lab、High temperature heat treatment furnace, such as monitoring equipment is complete,Factory existing staff300People,The engineer19People,The technician22People。 
----Over the past few years,Our factory is in line with strives for the development by science and technology,By striving for market information,By the quality strives for the survival,By the light of general plan of the management efficiency,Bold reform,Set up a new operation mechanism。2002Years9Month has passedISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification;Throughout the year2000Years12Month won the science and technology department of henan province“Science and technology enterprise certificate“;2001Years7In science and technology department of henan province“The high-tech product certificate“;2001Years12In science and technology department of henan province“Certificate of high and new technology enterprise“;Who won the famous brand of township enterprises in henan province。  
----Yuzhou city spirit dragon YuJi pump industry co., LTD(The original yuzhou city fishery machinery factory)300Employees focus on shaping“Unity、Pragmatic、Innovation、Dedication“The spirit of enterprise,Keep pace with The Times,Development and innovation,Always adhere to“Quality first、The user is supreme“The principle of,Warmly welcome people of insight at home and abroad and new and old users to cooperation,A total of figure,“Spirit of dragon“The goal is based on the central plains、Facing the whole country,To the world! 

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The special composition of mud pump

Under the pressure of modern industry,Many industry production of wastewater and sewage has become increasingly fierce,How to deal with these problems,Not only affects the future industrial development,At the same time for the survival of future generations also plays a very affected。Mud pump was born in this environment,Then the slurry pump is how to deal with、To solve these problems?Then begin to understand from the mud pump characteristic…

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