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Hot water boiler

46MWThe chain furnace,For the modelDHL46-130/70-AⅡ。

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Insulation pipeline anticorrosion

Aiming at building famous brand of heating services,
Set up perfect service network


The riser、Indoor installation of floor heating

Adhering to the“Department of the people warm、And dedication”
Business enterprise aim


The central heating services

The heating capacity400Million square meters,The actual
Heating area is already over200Million square meters


Electrical automation design and installation

Carry on“A high starting point、Weiwei,Transformed、
Perseverance”The spirit of enterprise



The heat pipe network construction

The company constantly enhance its capability of heating,As for jiaozhou
Heat has made positive contributions to the development of industry


Business services

Qingdao sea can reach thermal company profile

Can reach thermal co., LTD. Was established in Qingdao sea2008Years,2009Formally put into production in heating。Mainly for the producing soft container bags.for west、Northern qi、Institutions and urban and rural residents heating task。

The company since its establishment,In the correct leadership of the competent department and the social from all walks of life support,Adhering to the“Department of the people warm,And dedication”Business enterprise aim,Carry on“A high starting point、Weiwei,Transformed、Perseverance”The spirit of enterprise,Comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development,Develop business ideas,Implement new leap、The new development。At present,Company production central heating west one14MW、Two46MWHot water boiler;North commissioner has built a heating center29MW、A46MWHot water boiler,The total heating capacity400Million square meters,The actual heating area is already over200Million square meters。

Qingdao sea north can reach thermal company

Factory covers an area of north commissioner direct heat30.0,m, The scale of construction for1*29+3*46MWHot water boiler,Is mainly responsible for jiaozhou heating area of north commissioner offices,At the same time meet and west are the technical requirements of the networking operation of the heat source;In the project2013Years of construction1*29+3*46MWHot water boiler,Has now completed and put into operation1*29+1*46MWHot water boiler,2*46MWIn the hot water boiler under construction,Plan2020By the years to build;Project construction,USES the environment-protection and circulating fluidized bed boiler,And complete the ultra-low emissions equipment construction,To achieve ultra-low emissions requirements in flue gas emissions。The project's smooth production,Not only meet the demand of the rapid development of real estate heating north commissioner office,Raise the level of the whole north commissioner's office in municipal supporting,At the same time,By western north commissioner heat source factory and heat source of a network connection,Increase the overall safety operation of the entire company a net,Provide higher levels of service to users。

Action to remove the nitrogen in the flue gas denitration tower。

Environmental protection facilities

Display equipment


Hot water boiler

46MWThe chain furnace,For the modelDHL46-130/70-AⅡ。

So the heat exchange station

The sea can reach thermal yangzhou garden so the heat exchange station。


Heating warm prompt
Respect of heat users:2018-2019The heating season is over。In order to prolong the service life of your indoor heating,To ensure the safety of heating runs stable,My company at the end of the heating,For all district heating pipe network and the radiator with water service,The masses of users, please note the following points:1、Please check the indoor heating in a timely manner(Radiator、Manifold、The valve、Pipes etc),If found leaking please call our company maintenance,We will provide you with quality services quickly。2、Please don't put off the radiator or floor heating pipe inside the water,Because of the radiator is embalmed demineralized water inside,Corrosion can be isolated from the air for heating,Prolong the service life of heating facilities。3、Users on the need to change the heating,Please go to register my company,We provide free technical guidance for you。According to the《Qingdao city heat supply regulation》The relevant provisions,Without the consent of the heating company SiGai heating facilities,Together,Take responsibility by the user。Special note:Need to handle opened or application for suspension of the user,According to the《Qingdao city heat supply regulation》The provisions of article 36 of chapter 4,Residential users stop using heat or heat recovery,Shall, 30 days before the start of the annual heating period(Namely10Month16A few days ago),Apply to the heating unit and customs formalities。Please deal with open or application for suspension of users carry id card、House property card or purchase contract(Please bring housing for resettlement agreement),To Qingdao to the sea can reach thermal co., LTD. Deal with relevant formalities,Due to the opening formalities of users,The heating season will no longer opening formalities;For no application for suspension of normal heat users as the heating season,Late will not be deal with formalities of application for suspension。   The address of Qingdao sea can reach thermal co., LTD:Yangzhou west road361Number(Fortune to his new house)   Can also take5、8、25、66、305、501、502Bus to zhao small farmhouse stop   Company calls:0532-82221633   Thank you for your support of our work!

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